cold fusion hair extensions blonde

Cold Fusions Application

Cold Fusion is a special machine that permits ultrasonic waves to melt and fuse an individual keratin based bond to natural hair. This method is by far our favourite as it is not only very safe for your natural hair but also is so versatile in being able to blend colours together resulting in a perfectly natural looking colour match and shaping the bond to create the most undetectable attachment.

This application method is the hair industry’s best kept secret as when applied correctly, you really can’t tell the wearer has any hair extensions fitted, hence this method is commonly used by celebrities and models.

Ludicrous Lengths are proud to be qualified by Great Lengths themselves, who are the world leaders in Luxury, ethically sourced hair and who originally invented this method.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

(Individual Pre-Bonded Tips)

Micro ring hair extensions are generally considered to be one of the safest strand-by-strand extension method on the market today. There is no glue, no heat, no sewing or braiding involved so this means that there is no damage to your natural hair.  They are ideal if you want to grow your own hair as the extensions will grow down with it, getting you past that annoying in-between stage.
This method attaches pre-bonded Stick Tip extensions to your own hair by the use of a small ring, known as a micro ring. Each Stick Tip (which resembles the end of a shoe lace) is threaded through the micro ring.  Then the rings are clamped in place and provide a secure bond that can withstand vigorous activity. Micro rings are comfortable to wear and won’t slip out.
Maintenance to replace the rings is required every 6-8 weeks.
The rings come in different colours to match your hair and are coated with silicone lining for extra comfort. This method is safe, and easy to apply and remove.
brunette nano ring hair extensions

Nano Rings

A Nano ring is 90% smaller than a standard Micro ring and therefore a more discreet attachment is achievable.
Nano rings are attached very similarly to the Micro rings, and as such will need maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks.
Because this product is more expensive compared to standard micro rings, I recommend that the nano’s are strategically placed only around the hairline, then using micro rings elsewhere, rather than a full head of nanos. Please note, my price list incorporates this method.


One of the latest developments in Hair Extension attachment and considered one of the most undetectable methods on the market, these are individual mini tip bonds attached with nano rings or copper locks.
What distinguishes this hair from the rest are the size of the bonds, they really are tiny in comparison to micro bonds, as such the whole bond will fit through a nano ring, rather than just the metal tip on a regular nano bond, making it perfect for ladies with very fine hair.
Fabulong have just brought out a new range of hair called Secrets Of Medusa and we can personally vouch that this hair is absolutely gorgeous!
weave hair extensions

LA Weave

An LA Weave is a long strip of hair attached by fitting micro rings to the clients natural hair and sewing the weave through the attached sections.
This is a popular method of application and can achieve a very natural flowing finish.
Maintenance appointments are required every 4~6 weeks to replace the rings back up to the scalp and reattach the weave.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Luxury Indian AAAA grade remy clip-in’s.

The set comes with approx. 6 extra thick pieces, weighing 140g in total so you can have that big hair look in seconds.The clips are extra strong with a silicone backing so that your hair stays fixed in place for longer without slipping. They are 100% human hair which means you can wash them, curl them, straighten them….the choice is yours! This hair lasts approximately 6-9 months if worn daily.

Available in 18″ and 20” length and Silky Straight style.
If you’re interested in any of our listed hair extensions, check out our regularly updated price list.