Hair Extensions Services

All prices include cut-in and finish.  Other length options available.

 Tape Hair Extensions

These prices act as a guide only. Following a free consultation, we will be able to provide a more accurate quote tailored to the amount of hair required.

6 Packets (30 Hair Sandwiches) - sufficient for those just wanting a little added thickness or to fill up the sides£175£220£260£345
8 Packets (40 Hair Sandwiches) - sufficient for those adding both thickness and length£245£305£355£470
10 Packets (50 Hair Sandwiches) - equivalent to a full head of extensions with a nice, thick application£310£385£450£590

 Tape Hair Extension Maintenance

6 Packets£90
8 Packets£120
10 Packets£150

Hair Extensions

We predominantly use two different suppliers for our hair. Both suppliers provide the highest quality Russian/Mongolian origin hair which is fully cuticle correct and double drawn, which means the hair is thick from root to tip. The deciding factor on which supplier we use is based on colour (i.e stretch rooted hair) or length.

We are also stockists of being branded hair such as Great Lengths and Beauty Works. Quotes are available upon request. All prices include cut-in and style.

Supplier One (Packets of 20 Bonds)

100 Bonds£180£205£235£265£290
160 Bonds£282£322£370£418£458
200 Bonds£350£400£460£520£570

Supplier Two (Packets of 25 Bonds)

100 Bonds£225£245£250
150 Bonds£330£360£275
200 Bonds£435£475£500

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

No. of AreasIndividual
1 area£120
2 areas£180
3 areas£250

Filler Injections

0.5ml syringe£170
1ml syringe£250

LipoFirm Pro

All Treatments Per Area£80

Clip-in Hair Extensions

High grade human Remy hair. Price includes professional colour match, fitting tutorial and cut in.

Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Clip in Extensions£130

Hairdressing Services

Cut and Blowdry£34.00
Essex Blowdry£27.50
Full head of colour with blowdry£65.00
with cut and blowdry£81.00
Root colour with blowdry£58.00
with cut and blowdry£71.00
T Section highlights and blowdry£50.00
with cut and blowdry£64.00
Half head highlights and blowdry£76.00
with cut and blowdry£85.00
Full head highlights and blowdry£86.00
with cut and blowdry£101.00
Balayagefrom £50.00
Toner and blowdry£20.00